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God Encounter 16 Info & Registration
God Encounters Birth
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God Encounter 16 Info & Registration
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GOD ENCOUNTERS            

What makes God Encounters uniquely  different from conferences is that
we have no agenda
except for God's agenda
... we follow Him. At conferences, you can pick and choose which sessions you will attend. We encourage
every registered guest to
participate in the whole God
Encounter for the designated
dates in order to receive the full effect.  Jesus, often pulled away from everything and everyone to spend time with HIs Father. When He returned, He was empowered even the more, operating in miracles, signs and wonders. Once a person registers for
God Encounter, they will receive a preparation package
which includes, fasting & prayer dates, dates to read scriptures related to the theme God has provided, a CD
containing a message and prayer by Prophet Elaine Clay with soaking music designed to quiet your soulish
realm so that you may be in tune with Holy Spirit and opened to hear from God by His Spirit. This gets you ready for the God Encounter & brings deliverance from mindsets of church as usual... no one at God Encounter knows exactly what will
come next, but wait in great expectation for a touch from God!. Although, I have listed some items above just for the sake of folks who keep bugging about an agenda..... this is not the norm I know so there is no attitude towards them, it just gets us to pray more because God, is about to show
them something that they have never seen
and it will change all of our lives forever. Once coming to the God Encounter we provide a booklet that will give additional instructions for them while in their rooms and encourages them to remember why they are there and to stay on course... so there is no shopping, idle conversations, vendors (except maybe the last day) cell phone, work, television or anything that will distract their time spent with God.  During the breaks they can go to the Healing - Prayer room to soak in God's Presence and to pray. All ministry is geared towards focus on God once the outer man is broken during the 1st God Encounter Session. God longs for His children to have encounters with Him. They are not just for this moment,  but being here, should set-off many encounters with God thus empowering transformational change forevermore in your life. Come outside of your camp... the familiar places to the tent of meeting with the Father... He is waiting on YOU to

 There is a sound being released from Heaven... breaking & opening portals to release upon you His Glory, Mantles, Boldness, a pouring of the oil of God to ignite the Fire to a flame that you may run & go forth in the power of His Might! Fire Burns ... it will refine & burn everything that is not of God & not conducive to God's purpose off of you... Selah & then & then & then Fire consumes .... open up your heart for the consuming fire... God is that consuming Fire, He wants to burn within you, He wants you to be ignited in this fire and in the burning... the residue of ashes will be washed away in the rain of His Spirit.. Selah & then, & then, & then.... Holy Spirit Rain will restore, refresh and renew you..... if you have been crying out to God... then come......
Songs of Deliverance Ministries & Dr.Elaine Clay Host
God Encounter #16
Kingdom Habitation: Holy Spirit Fire & Rain
I Kings 18:20-42

August 3-5, 2018
Marriott Chattanooga Convention Hotel
2Carter Street
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404

Both Men & Women are invited to attend

Prophet Dr. Elaine Clay with Guest Ministers:
Prophet Dr. Jason Renville, TBN Salsa Host & U.N. Ambassador
Prophet Agnes Ebedi, RAMP Church Chattanooga (Lead Pastor Andrew Towe)
Pastor Theo McNair, Jr., Believer's Bible Christian Church, Atlanta, Georgia
Prophet Dr. Wanda Cofield, Prophetically Spoken Ministries, Lawton, Oklahoma
Prophetic Psalmist Allie Miller & Worship Team - Ramp Church Chattanooga
Daughters of Zion Dance Ministries, Atlanta, Georgia

This is your time of getaway to focus completely on Jehovah God!
Hear His voice...  beckoning you to come....
We will experience MEGA glory! 
FIRE & the RAIN of God's Spirit!





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