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The Birthing of God Encounters
From these personal experiences and more, the more being the continued experiences and life changing encounters with God, God encounters were birthed and continuing to be born until God says something different. Do not get caught up with the word encounter, a word not in the Bible. It is merely what God gave me to help this person who knows nothing to understand what He is doing and what He means. An encounter is a face to face meeting, a time to come close to God, to shut ourselves away to focus on Him and Him only. We know we have truly encountered Him when change in our personal lives is manifested. There are many in the Bible that encountered God and they were changed forever.. never going back to their former way of living...... Selah!

Desperate Cry of the Heart is the name God has given to me for these encounters because it requires a person to hear God's invitation to come out of their heart cry for more of Him. Each encounter has been themed and manifested differently. Not one soul can honestly say that they did not experience God.

The encounter is not a church service or conference. God does the drawing, all we have to do is obey this drawing by coming.
There is not a preconceived agenda and there is an openness for God to do what He wants and wills.

This is the place that God is bringing the Body of Christ to and so until then, He will use ministries such as this to bring His people into His Presence and reveal His intent. It is not His intent that church agenda items such as annoucements &  other things on our program take priority over  His priority of His Spirit wind moves and  His personal touch
on His  people.

We focus not on the experiences, but the primary purpose is that a relationship, stronger, deeper, more intimate with God is established and maintained.  Disciples are being made. Meaning when the people come, their lives are changed in His Presence. There is no longer a lack spiritual fortitude that can only be built from frequent encounters with God.

We decree and declare, no more church members going through the motion without relationship with God! I know what I am talking about because I was in church all my life with no real and intimate relationship with the Father, religious church member, that's what I was!
Do you know how many church members do not pray, read their Bibles, who don't know the voice of God and have not gravitated towards the Comforter, Holy Spirit, the One called along to walk beside us, the One Jesus said He would send after His departure from earth?

Glory to His Holy Name! Too many and God is sending forth His ministers and prophets to bring deliverance to His people so that they will shift from being church members, but believers/disciples that are hungry for Jehovah God. Breaking the chains of religiosity in Jesus Name, this is our meet, our assignment, God's vision! We are the church and I declare that we arise to BE the church!


God Encounter Gathering Assignments

2003 - 1st Encounter birthed - St Simon Island, GA

2005 - #2 - Believer's Bible Christian Church, Atlanta, GA
A Night with God

2006 - #3 - Lake Lanier, Atlanta, GA
Seeking Him

2008 - #4 - Smoky Mountains, TN. Edencrest Cabins
Transform Me

2008 - #5 - Word of Life Outreach, Atlanta, GA
Praying All Night

2008 - #6 - Simpsonwoods, Norcross, GA

2009- #7 - Seed Faith Christian Ministries, Forest Park, GA
Pouring Our Love Upon the Father

2009 - #8 - Word of Life Outreach, Atlanta, GA
I Will Pray

2010 - #9 - The Preserve Resort, Pigeon Forge, TN

2010 - #10 - Word of Life Outreach, Atlanta, GA

2010 - #11 - Doublehead Resort, Town Creek, AL

2012 - #12 - Forest Park Farmer's Market, Forest Park, GA

2012 - #13 - Spelman College, Atlanta, GA

2017 - #14 - Callaway Gardens; Pine Mountain, GA
The Surrender to I AM

2017 - #15 - Believer's Bible Christian Church, Atlanta, GA
The Surrender to I AM #2

2018 - #16 - Marriott Convention Center , Chattanooga, TN

2019 - #17 - Locust Grove, GA
Throne Room Manifestations




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